Friday, 28 August 2015

Flormar Haul

Another weekly 'Hi!' to you all. So what's today's post? Well, something that is exciting. I think so anyway. Whilst on holiday, on my to do list was to visit one (or perhaps a few) of Flormar stores. Flormar for those who do not know is a cosmetics brand. I've been obsessed with their nail polish for many years and recently they have started a make-up line but unfortunately because they don't franchise to Australia, I couldn't buy any of it while in Australia. I was super excited to try their new make-up products. In store, I obviously brought new nail polishes to add to my ever growing collection.
I also brought a smoky-eye eyeshadow palate. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and long lasting- perfect for night outs.  

Of course I couldn't walk pass the lip linear with no purchase, as I had brought one before (You can see that one from my recent Turkey trip post). The lip liners are amazing especially considering how cheap they are. They are easily applied and are long lasting. As you can see I have already started using them. I picked up 224 and 233 which are deep purple and crimson in colour. 

If you are fortunate enough to live near a Flormar store I would suggest you give them a visit. Highly recommend all products. Hope you enjoyed this post. See you next week!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Road trip

Whilst in Turkey we had a road trip around the Black Sea region. This region extends across Northern Turkey. The greenery of this place is just unbelievable! The trip began at Giresun where we went to the remains of the Giresun Castle, which has an epic top view of Giresun. You can see how mountainous and green this place is through the photo below. The road that takes you along the region is by the sea so you always have an amazing view as you drive.

After leaving central Giresun, we then made our way to a place called 'Yayla' which is where the locals go for summer vacation. This particular 'Yayla' has so many hills and is very green-ever green. Even though it was summer, it was pretty cold and very foggy. 

The next city of the region we discovered was Trabzon. At Trabzon we wanted to see the Sumela Monastery. This place is hidden within the depths of the forest. However, not all of the monastery was open to public as it was under refurbishments though what we did see was incredible.

Here, the surrounding forest's beauty is enhanced by a river that flows so rapidly, I never knew that the flow of water could produce such a loud sound-much like a motorway. 

This place displays so much history and amazes the human mind with how they built such a infrustrature at the time with limited machinery and tools.The monastery was obviously flowing with tourists but also had a lot of locals. We even got to chat with a fellow Sydney resident visiting the monastery.

We then made our way to Trabzons's famous 'Uzun Gol' which simply means long river in Turkish.  This is the sort of place you see on post cards. See for yourselves, it was just amazing. Its vastly tourist based but there are locals too. We walked around this massive lake and the view from all angles were breath taking. Much like the 'Yayla' it was cold here compared to other areas of the Black Sea.

These were the highlights of our road trip, we did make other short stops along the way. The few days  I spent on this trip have enabled me to make so many happy memories.
Hope you enjoyed looking at my road trip through my eyes.
Figen xx 

Friday, 7 August 2015

Kız Kules

Hey there,

Today we are going to travel to the iconic building in the middle of the Bosphorus  known as Kiz Kulesi or Maiden's Tower. There are a lot of stories and myths behind why it was built but the most common one goes something like this:

An emperor had a daughter and an oracle prophesied that she would be killed on her 18th birthday by a venomous snake.  To protect his daughter, the emperor built a tower in the middle of the Bosphorus away from any danger. The emperor would frequently visit his daughter and he was the only one allowed.

On princess's 18th birthday, her father gifted her with the best and most exotic fruits around as he was thrilled he had prevented the prophecy. However, as the princess reached into the basket, a venomous snake, hiding in the basket bites the princess and she dies in her fathers arms, just as the prophecy had stated.

Kiz Kulesi is now like a museum accompanied by a cafe and restaurant. It is well loved by both tourists and the locals. From Kiz Kulesi you have a 360 degree view of Istanbul. It is mesmerising. The interior of the building is spectacular and has a unique decor. The structure itself is pretty amazing. I definitely would recommend visiting it. Hope you enjoyed the pictures I took. 
P.s sorry for disappearing for a while. Unfortunately, I didn't have internet access everywhere on holiday which made blogging harder. I did constantly use Instagram so make sure you follow me there to keep updated :)

Figen xx