Thursday, 28 May 2015

Style Inspiration

Yes I must admit I stalk too! But I mean let's be honest it doesn't count as stalking when things pop-up on your explore page. You involuntarily stalk. Don't you think? So, on my explore page appeared an 'outfit of the day' that I loved. I wanted to re-create it straight away. This outfit was of Buse Terim, a Turkish blogger, who now, I must admit I follow. There's countless reasons to why I follow her one of them being her style! I  fell in love with her sport chick style. She is able to pull off sneakers/trainers under any outfit-now that's real talent. So, after liking her ootd I ran to my wardrobe and put it together with the pieces I have at home. Okay, so it may not be exactly the same look but it was an inspiration.

The reason I love this combination is you can rock it to a formal event or just wear it on day to day basis, its very versatile.  Also, love the pop of colour through the use of scarf adding dimension to the outfit. As winter is rapidly approaching in Australia, this outfit is appropriate to layer up for more warmth. I hope you enjoyed this post as I had never posted something like this before.
Also, I will list where each item is from. Some of the pieces aren't recent purchases and are no longer sold at certain stores but I will link similar pieces so you can also create this look. Thank you for your time.

Accessing these items:
Blazer- Supre
Black tank top- Supre
Sand clock necklace- Equip
Pants- ICE
Shoes- Kmart
Handbag- H&M
Scarf- local boutique

Links to similar items:
Tank top

* First image of the post has been taken from Buse Terim's personal instagram account. I have no intention nor do I own this image in any way. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Home Manicure

Honestly, I've never had fake nails in my life, but was always obsessed with long nails so from a pretty young age I always tried to grow my nails and shape them and right now I'm pretty happy with my nail manicure regime. Getting many compliments and even have people mistaking my nails for fake nails I think my manicure and nail care is pretty good. This is why I thought I would share with you guys what I do.
Firstly, I like to begin with a clean slate. Remove all nail polish give my hands a wash and file them. I usually change between pointy/oval and square shape. Getting them in the right shape is pretty easier literally file how you want it to look. Try to file in one direction. You can also remove any cuticles with a cuticle remove.

Next I like to prepare a bowl of warm water, squeeze 1/1-1 lemons depending on the size. I then soak my nails in the water for at least 15 minutes. I don't do this on schedule, I usually do it once a month or if i have extra time.
Then I ike to put some oil to give some life to my nails. I personally use the by Kalyon and apply this all of the nail and around the cuticles.
If you're like me and struggle with weak, fragile nails I recommend a nail hardner. I have tried a few of these and some of them just don't work. The one that works the
best for me is the Kalyon nail hardner. I apply 1-2 coats.
This might be a shock for some people or crime for other nail gurus, but I don't apply base coat or top coat. Personally, as much as I love looking after my nails and applying nail polish I just don't have the time to wait for so many layers of polish to dry. Plus I always apply nail hardner which could be a substitute for base coat. Lastly I pick a nail polish and apply 1-2 coats of nail polish. 99% of my nail polish are flormar, and I really don't think top coat is required. The polish last for at least 4 days and I'm already sick of the colour by that time so I'm happy to change it.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tights on Fire

Just as I was excited that the sun had re-appeared the wind dominated the rays making me pull on my tights back on again. I mean that is not to say that I don't like tights, I do, I actually really do. However, when you can just wear shorts, skirts and dresses, tights do sort of fall back a bit. However, during Autumn, tights are the thing for me. I wear them literally everyday so it is a must that I come up with some different ways of wearing them. In this post you'll see a few of my tights. The first one is an interesting one it reminds me of the USA flag. I mean its got star, its got lines and well its got the colours navy and red. So, I paired this pair of tights with a black crop top that has a transparent mesh through the belly-button region. I wore my black Dr.Martens and tied a denim blouse around my waist to make it a bit edgy. Aside from trying to achieve an edgy look its also to cover up, you know you want to cover up with tights! I do anyway. 

The second pair has a tie-dye effect. I find these ones the hardest to wear! I usually just pick a colour from the dye and wear that colour at the top. So, with this one I paired it with a white tank. This tank has white flowers on it with a few cut-outs here and there. But the best part of this top is the back. The back has a triangular cut with three buttons. I am obsessed with it! However, when the wind does take over it is a must that I put on a jacket because it doesn't help :((

The third pair of jeans are maroon with a leopard print. I combined these tights with a t-shirt that has a geometric print and a black blazer. For shoes I went with casual, canvas shoes. I would have loved to pair them with some black low-ankle boots but they were too muddy. I forgot to clean them. Opps!

Friday, 8 May 2015

Beanies for Brain Cancer

Hi guys! So today my post is different. I have never posted anything on this topic though I should have. So, today this post will focus on being a community, supporting each other and showing that we care. Despite the fact that some of us may have beautiful lives there are many out there that are in need ,support or love. And plus who knows that we won't need these things one day.  
After Carrie Bickmore's Gold Logie speech, I realised the importance of spreading awareness for important things like cancer. I wanted to get involved and do my part, contribute and raise awareness to cancer, in this case brain cancer.
You too can join by taking a photo of yourself or anyone wearing a beanie and uploading it on a social media platform using the #beaniesforbraincancer. 
Its really that simple.
Let's try and get everyone involved. Word-of-mouth is the simplest way of raising awareness! Contributing to a cause does not only mean contribution through dollar value but can also involve raising awareness and volunteering. You never really know where life can take you or what can happen tomorrow. Cancer could get a hold of anyone and as result its really important to show your support.
This is a short post but an important one for me. I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading. Talk to you soon. 

Donation Link